Saturday, February 20, 2010

VeggieTale Values


When I woke up this morning, I was just craving some Veggie Tales. (It’s awesome, don’t hate.) Anyway, the video I chose was titled, Abe and the Amazing Promise. As I sat there listening to the story of Abraham and Sarai, they did something I never expected: they taught from the perspective of Sarai.

Never before had I considered the kind of woman Sarai was. Her husband comes home with a message from God and her first response was one of action. Surely, her heart felt the maternal instinct magnify at just the thought of a child.

The journey to Hebron took nearly eleven years…and no baby.

Genesis 16:2 - “The Lord has kept me from…” – NIV

Eleven years? In our culture of immediate gratification, can we even fathom such a term? When waiting on God, how easy it becomes to ignore current blessings in lieu of future wants. If what we desire is not right now, it may as well be not at all. The idea of waiting eats at our souls with extreme annoyance, and you don’t have to be a clinical scholar to predict what emotion comes next: Resentment.

Abraham and Sarai eventually strayed from the path of trust to produce a misfortune, have we done the same? Have we taken matters into our own hands only to realize the burden was too heavy? Has what we want shined in comparison with what we believe?

How simple it becomes to blame God for inaction. Inevitably, our love for Him becomes conditional.

At some point, we must ask ourselves: Are we more in love with the promise or the One who makes it?

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