Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Doubt has the ability to frustrate me quicker than anything else. Nothing tests my tolerance like doubt in my personal abilities or, worse yet, my words. A coworker of mine, notorious for this, always has the nerve to question my documents and launch unwarranted hesitation into my initiatives. This constant state of suspicion has ruined a once pleasant relationship and turned it into a battle of accuracy.

As this has been playing more and more of a role in my daily life, I have found myself wondering: Do I doubt anyone the way that she doubts me?

Judges 6: 17, 39
Gideon replied, “If now I have found favor in your eyes, give me a sign that it is really you talking to me.”…Then Gideon said to God, “Do not be angry with me. Let me make just one more test…”

Already this morning I have requested God to show me that I am hearing Him correctly. I have cast a large net of doubt into His calling for me simply because it has not happened as fast as I thought. Suddenly, my heart was screaming: “Why do you ask when you refuse to hear the answer?”

Do we take God at His word? Do we answer our King of Power with assurance, or, do we find ourselves asking for just one more test?

The very nature of a test is that you will pass or fail. In testing God at all, are we not assuming that He has the ability to fail?

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