Sunday, February 21, 2010

Relationship Rights


In one of my old apartments, Mormon witnesses frequently visited me. They would attempt to convert me to the Mormon Church with the use of flyers and prayer. I couldn’t help but think that even if I wasn’t a Christian, this method of evangelism would never work with me. There was no heart in it. There was no concern, care or relationship of any kind. These witnesses cared more about my conversion than my name.

With our cynical society today, more often then not, the right to share the gospel must be earned. A rapport must be established, and maintained, for the lost individual to open their heart to the truth. In the world that we live in, regrettably, most are perceived as frauds until proven otherwise.

While relationships could be said to be the building block of personal evangelism, the community is where, most often, conversions are manifested. It is my belief that God did not intend for individual relationships to stand on their own. Even the fundamental nature of God is three fold: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Jesus also exemplified when commissioning the twelve, communal living is the style of relationships God planned for us, it is where we thrive. Beliefs are shared, council is given and fellowship with other believers flourishes.

Proverbs 27:6
“Wounds from a friend can be trusted”.

Paul only had the best of intentions when he reprimanded the church of Corinth. This is how accountability is established. The same idea is present with regards to sharing the gospel. The beliefs of a stranger will not weigh more than a bag of feathers in the long run. What example has there been for the unbeliever?

Lead by example and, when the moment is right, be prepared to give a reason for the joy inside of you.

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  1. If everyone would do this, Lead by Example, maybe the non-believers would start to see a pattern. One of acceptability, honesty, character and love for one another. In today's society, there is to much of the leading being done by non-believers and not enought from God's own family of believers. The lost see the church as as a whole hypocritical family :do as I say not as I do. We Christians need to not just talk the talk but actually walk it every day. Good post today honey. Love you.