Wednesday, February 10, 2010



I had dinner with some friends a few nights ago. While these are still very important people in my life, our friendship originally formed when I was someone else. They do not know me as a woman of God, quite the opposite actually. They know me as someone who lived for the minute and sacrificed only for fun.

Our dinner went well. There were laughs, stories and memories shared…but no Gospel. I went with the intention of being a great witness, but at the risk of dampening the mood, settled for not being a “bad witness” instead.

Matthew 12:34
“For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” – NIV

The words of our mouth positively echo the thoughts in our heart. While we do want to present the Gospel to those in the dark, we desperately crave acceptance more. As long as nothing is done to hinder the faith, have we really done anything wrong?

I got home from dinner and my husband asked a simple question: “Were you a good witness?” It was as if God was calling me out on my idleness. My head was saying, “I didn’t do anything!” My heart was saying, “I did nothing.”

When we arrive in Heaven, what if Jesus remains idle? Would we count ourselves lucky if Christ says nothing? Yes, this would mean that He does not present regrettable facts about us, but it also means that He does not speak for us either. Would His nothing be enough to save us?

Let us not forget that choosing to do nothing, it still making a decision.

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