Friday, February 5, 2010

Small Stuff


Man, was it hard to get here. This morning I awoke to freezing cold temperatures laced with the amount of wind that always ruins the hair efforts of the day. The traffic was worse, the rain was depressing, I did not really want to go to work in the first place and, to top it all off, there was a hole in my shoe. In summation, this day had “Paid Time Off” written all over it. Then, I opened the Word:

Luke 16:10
“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…”

Twenty-two days ago, I made a commitment to God in regards to this blog. I committed to spending each morning with Him, in His Word, and allowing Him the prominent place in my days. Is that promise nullified on the account of rain and leaky shoes?

Thus far, on my 365-day journey, I cannot help but feel that God has blessed it. My heart has been full. My blessings made obvious. What would happen if I suddenly considered the weather influential on my relationship with God? Would I really sweat the small stuff like rain and wind?

God is always in control of our circumstances. Dare we forget that He is the one responsible for this rain in the first place? He is the one who set the temperature. Could He have been testing my commitment?

While, yes, there are bigger and better things in this world besides my blog, this is what He has entrusted to me for the duration of the year. If I were not faithful in this small task, why would He believe me to be faithful in bigger ones?


If I am not faithful in the small things, how can I expect Him to be faithful in the big ones?

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  1. Couple things happened this week and I immediately forgot how faithful God is. Hope I don't miss the same questions on the Re-test.