Friday, February 19, 2010



Sometimes, life is just difficult. When your day starts out being a huge challenge, it is a natural assumption that the rest of it will follow suit.

Maybe you took some Benadryl to help you go to sleep and it still affected you the next morning.
Maybe you drove to Panera Bread at 6:30am to write your blog, but your stupid old computer couldn’t find a wireless connection.
Maybe your car is suddenly releasing a burnt rubber smell every time you drive it.
Maybe you attempted to get gas from three pumps before finding one that would accept your debit card.
Maybe you were a complete idiot and wore a dress on a day that was windy and freezing.
Maybe, to top off your glorious day, your forgot your daily apple for lunch!

Psalm 69:14, 32
Pull me out of the mud; Let all who seek God’s help live in joy

Maybe you realized how blessed you were to wake up this morning at all.
Maybe you took compassion on Panera Bread in light of the customer complaints they were fielding due to the internet blunder.
Maybe you recognized the burning smell in your car as a warning to get assistance before something terrible happened.
Maybe you were thankful that the gas you were able to get wasn’t $5.00.
Maybe you felt pretty in your miscalculated wardrobe choice and decided it was worth the cold.
Maybe, to top off your glorious day, someone gave you a bag of gummy bears to alleviate the frustration of forgetting your apple.

Maybe, if you let Him, God will turn your trouble to triumph.

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