Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wolf Pack


Slowly I have come to the realization that I, most likely, will not be teaching next year. In all probability, I will remain at my current company analyzing data and hanging Twilight posters in my cube. This is a wiggly pill for me to swallow. I graduated from seminary! I am, finally, certified to teach the Bible! I want to work in a spiritually rich setting!

Life would be so much easier if my peers and I shared the same values and beliefs, but this is hardly the case. Everyone says to be an example and embrace the challenge. “Be a light in the darkness,” they say. What if I don’t want the responsibility set before me! Corporate America has the power to devour me like a wolf in the night, and frankly, I would rather avoid that ugliness.

As I reread the above paragraphs, I am convicted of my absurdity. When did I turn into such a complainer? I don’t even want to delete it and hide my grumbling personality, no, I want to attack it.

Luke 10:3
“Go! I am sending you out like lambs among the wolves.” – TNIV

I read this verse and automatically question the Lord. What shepherd would dare send his sheep into a pack of wolves? Then it hit me…our Good Shepherd does exactly that. In fact, he does not merely suggest this action, he insistently orders us to “Go!”

God is well aware of the environment in which He placed me, how dare I demand something less challenging. Even worse, what excuse do I have for even wanting to avoid the “wolves” in my life… laziness?

God knows the danger that lay before His flock. He, whose own humanity did not survive the wolf pack, understands the command He is making. All I can believe in, all any of us can believe in, is that the plentiful harvest He has promised is worth the sacrifice of lambs.

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