Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Man of His Word


Not long ago, I applied for a job at Lifeway Christian Bookstore. I had recently gotten engaged and really wanted some extra money to help look the part :) At first, Lifeway seemed like the perfect place of employment. I was hired fairly quickly and dove into training right away. I learned what was expected of me, how I was to manage my time and how to treat my employment like a ministry.

It did not take long for the part time schedule to interfere with my pre-marital calendar. Almost immediately, I had scheduling conflicts, horrible shift assignments and an all around attitude of inconvenience. I felt horrible. Never before had I been so irresponsible with a job. They had hired me, trained me and, mistakenly, trusted me. A month did not go by before I quit the position with zero notice. I abandoned my commitment to work and ran off to something more fun.

James 5: 12
“Let your “Yes” be yes, and your “No” be no, or you will be condemned.” – NIV

Commitments: We all have them. I suppose it is self-explanatory that I cannot say that we all keep them. What stands in our way of keeping the commitments we have made? Something bigger? Something better? Even if our excuses are justifiable, do those weigh more than our words?

It amazes me how many build their faith exclusively on the words of God. Some would consider this blind trust a risky undertaking. In fact, entire belief structures have been known to crumble with a single accusation of falsehood. And yet, Christianity stands. The words of our God have stood the test of time and His commitments continue. We listen to Him. We know Him. We trust Him.

As we utter the sinner’s prayer and commit our lives to His glory, I have to wonder, can He take us at our words?

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