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When I was about fifteen, I had my first official date. The boy is unimportant, but what went down with my parents has stayed with me to this day. Definitely not one to let on how nervous I was, I stayed in my room until his arrival. I had no idea what was taking him so long. Does punctuality mean nothing anymore!

After what felt like forever, he finally arrived at my house. Right when I saw the car pull into my driveway, I bolted down the stairs. I stuck my head into the living room and gave, what I thought would be, my goodbyes. Right as I turned to leave, my ears hear the following: “Don’t move a muscle.” Great.

My parents had made the decision that I was a lady, and would be treated as such. I was not setting one foot out of that house until my date arrived to greet me at the front door. There would be no running out to his car. There would be no casual departure. This boy would come inside, meet my family, and only then would he leave with me. All I could think was: UNFAIR.

John 18:38-39
“I find no basis for a charge against [this man]. But…” – NIV

Is life fair? Of course not, but is fairness what we really want?

Consider the trial of Jesus Christ before the high priest as well as Pilate. As we can see, there were a number of unfair events that led to the crucifixion of our Lamb.

1. Not a single witness ever came against Jesus or produced any evidence to condemn Him.
2. The high priest questioning was illegal in the first place because there were no other witnesses present.
3. Jesus was struck in the face by an official for answering a question directed to Him.
4. In the end, the verdict was based on political gain as opposed to evidence.

During this time in the life of Christ, Jesus all but encourages those who come for his arrest to proceed. Nothing about this “trial” was fair, or even procedurally accurate. However, this injustice was all part of God’s plan. If anything had been completed in a fair manner, our King of Kings would not have perished. We would not know eternal life. We would not deserve grace. We would all be lost, or worse yet, getting exactly what we deserve.

How blessed we are that life is unfair.

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