Monday, March 1, 2010



I went to a baby shower yesterday and, man, was this ever a baby shower. There were almost as many people at this event as where at my wedding. The supportive friends and family just kept rolling in…each with gift in hand. I do not exaggerate when I say that the mom-to-be opened gifts for over two straight hours.

As unusual as it was to witness this large of a shower, I must admit, a little part of me was envious of all her new baby belongings. The onsies. The burp clothes. The traveling car seats. The diaper genie. The playsets. The this or that.

When there is a new baby coming around, parents have a natural tendency to want to purchase every single tool at their disposal. They must have the best of the best. Oh how we trick ourselves if we think that this fascination with things ends at childhood. For after the child grows, our fascination with things moves to their education or athletic talents. We will provide them with all the possible tolls necessary to exceed, and even some just to make them look good trying. Once adolescence rears its ugly head, the needs fall second to the wants. Sadly, into adulthood, decorating our homes becomes the newest thing in a long line of other things. Does this pursuit of stuff ever end?

1 Timothy 6:7
“For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.” - NIV

My husband has taught me much in the area of simplification. He only wants enough to meet his needs, and yet, God blesses him with so much more. He does not seek out material wealth and, somehow, he managed to instill the same values into my head as well. How much more content I find myself in the simple joy of life and faith as opposed to the Louie Vuitton life I craved before.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger; it takes a genius to move in the other direction.

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