Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Eyes on Me


At work last month, the unthinkable happened: cameras were installed. While they were not installed with the intention of spying on employees, they may as well have been. People reacted with panic! It made no difference that their intention was to actually help associates in the case of theft, oh no, the fact was: Someone was watching.

I say “people” were upset, but I was definitely in on that panic party. To top of the already iffy situation, I was the only employee on my side of the building that had a camera on them at all times. No matter what I do, it’s there. No matter what I’m working on, it’s there. No matter how much it bothers me, it’s there.

Now, some are probably thinking: “Just don’t do anything wrong and you have nothing to worry about.” While that is an understandable perspective, being caught slacking off is not my concern. For me, personally, I just do not like being watched. I do not want all eyes on me…ever.

Titus 2:7
“In all things show yourself to be an example…” – NASB

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder, am I called to be an example? I feel like I am always falling short in areas of spiritual disciplines and trusting that God has my life under control. I feel like, if anyone was really watching me, they would witness times of doubt and worry. I feel like my life is lived in a blanket of grace.

Then, I think, perhaps this is the kind of life worth witnessing. God knows His children. He knows where we fall. And yet, being a godly example is not simply an option, it is commanded in scripture. Perhaps the real example is one of grace, mercy and love.

Perfection is an unattainable goal. Maybe, just maybe, a life of falling down is one worthy of watching.

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  1. A life full of fallibles is far more interesting than a straight and perfected life. In a perfect world, a perfect person would be predictable and straight narrowed. Would you want a perfect life of no variables? There wouldn't be any interesting outcomes or surprises...that is not a life worth living.