Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I have to say, sometimes, God’s timing is so perfect that it is almost funny. Here I was, driving to my writing spot, and completely racking my brain for topics. For the last couple of weeks, the ideas have been flowing more like molasses than water. Just when I was starting to hit panic mode, I noticed something: My concentration was not on the road. I realize that this sounds a bit hazardous, but I only mean that I was able to have a relaxing ride into town as opposed to the war zone that I typically undergo.

For the past 75 days, the road to Alpharetta has been insanely rough…literally. There are potholes everywhere on Haynes Bridge Road exit ramp and it is a full on battle to evade succumbing to an oversized ditch! I really have to be on alert in order to duck, dodge and swerve around these sedan minefields.

But, today, the holes are filled in. There was no struggle to get here; in fact, it was hardly any effort at all. After months and months of struggling, the path just got simple…literally, overnight.

Ephesians 6:18
“…With this in mind, Be alert…” - NIV

Sometimes life is taxing, but I often wonder, will it always be so? As God changes our hearts, do things become easier? Is walking uprightly always going to require such… effort?

Even in life, the essence of potholes is that we do not see them until it is almost too late. Most of the time, we are cruising so fast that any change in destination is going to require some effort. The only way to avoid inevitable destruction is to live defensively. We must prepare ourselves for hidden dangers. We must keep our eyes vigilant and always guard our hearts. We must have faith that God will fill the holes one at a time.

Perhaps, if we are lucky, we will wake up one day and find our road a little smoother.

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