Friday, March 26, 2010

Star Sightings


Lately, when you glance at any form of a media outlet, you are inevitably going to spot the face of Tiger Woods. It is just a fact that the man is everywhere, or should I say, his sin is everywhere. I am so confident in the widespread knowledge of his discretion's that I do not even feel the need to explain further. What I do wish to observe, however, is the interview Tiger presented only a few days ago.

Pre-drama Tiger had always presented himself as a practicing Buddhist and overall spiritual man. When the craziness broke out about his personal life, he often sighted a loss of faith as the initial root of his decisions. In the latest interview, Tiger was questioned about the new bracelet he was wearing on his arm. His response indicated that the bracelet was there to remind him of his faith and that he is not to stray from it again; in other words, his Buddhism was back.

James 1:6
“For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.” – KJV

As easy at it seems for us to recognize the publicity tactics behind Tiger’s “lost faith defense,” part of me understands it. I can recall numerous times in my own life when it was easier to blame my misplaced faith instead of my direct defiance. Even now, when I am reminded of the darker stages of my life, I say “I wasn’t walking with God then” and walk away feeling justified.

We all do it. We all play the game. We trick ourselves into the notion that God was not in our bad decisions, in fact, He was nowhere around. We block the image of Him watching in disappointment. We block His spirit inside of us begging to heal our wounds. When we are finally able to see ourselves, our sin becomes our worst feature and we urgently try to cover it up. I suppose it is funny what a little desperation can do.

I expect, if we look a little deeper, there could be a little Tiger in all of us.

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