Monday, May 10, 2010

Ode to My Earring


This morning, I dropped an earring down the drain. I realize that this sounds like a small event, definitely not one large enough to be writing about, however, you would be amazed at how this small event made it to catastrophic level in less than five minutes.

My thought flow went something like this:
My earring went down the drain and since we don’t have time to get it out right now, will have to wait until this afternoon. By then, the earring could drop so low that retrieving it could be impossible; we would just have to leave it in there for all of eternity. It won’t be long before the pipes begin to clog because of this little mishap. Clogged pipes could ruin the plumbing in our house. We would have to pay to get the plumbing repaired and that would mean taking money from somewhere else in our budget. What if we don’t have enough money to cover such an expense? Will we go into debt? Brian hates debt; it would really stress him out. Our marriage would probably suffer due to the added stress of financial woes. We might have to move to spare the expense of repairing our pipes. More stress. Moving is horrible. This market is terrible and we would definitely take a loss on our current house. Great, there we will be, virtual newlyweds with a rocky and stressful marriage, on the verge of bankruptcy and homelessness, all because I dropped an earring down the drain!

Luke 21:14
“But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves.” - NIV

On a fairly typical basis, worry has the ability to overcome us. Worry can become larger than life and morph itself into all aspects of our day. It can affect our moods, our outlooks, our self-esteem and even our relationships. It can make the smallest of circumstances explode into a weapon of mass destruction.

Not only are we not honoring God when we worry, but we are also not being very practical. When we actually think about any given situation, we have to ask ourselves, is this really in our hands? In reality, there is very little we can do to effect real change in a situation, yes, we can do our part, but we will never be the masters of our own circumstances.

The way I see it, we have two options: We can fill our heads with worry, or fill our hearts with trust.

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