Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joyful Noise


Last summer, my family and I joined my dad at the second annual Summer Jam to benefit the Chrysalis ministry. Primarily aimed at high school students, the place was crawling with adolescence. Everywhere we looked, kids were praising God. Some were singing while others prayed. Some were raising their hands, others were bowing their heads. If we really took a minute to think about what was going on around us, it was nothing short of phenomenal.

About an hour into the festivities, some friends of ours had joined us the back of the room. We were just sitting down and surveying the actions around us. What I couldn’t help but notice was this one young lady immediately to my right. Man, was she in her own world. Arms waving, body moving in crazy directions, hair flying around…definitely making a scene. There wasn’t an eye in the place that failed to notice her antics, her behavior, her…worship.

Luke 19:40
“If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” – NIV

There is an invisible apprehension in most of us when faced with the idea of unbounded worship. If you are anything like me, you find yourself towing the line between giving your all to God and holding back enough to ward off stares. Sure, we are feeling moved by the Spirit, but we are not those people.

When the disciples praised God, they were loud. They were obvious. At times, they were inappropriate. To the onlookers of their time, their spiritual development was misguided and immature. Is our culture so different? When we glance at someone fully worshiping God, perhaps overtly, do we think them foolish or faithful? The world expects spiritual matters to remain personal and invisible to those around us – or – if we must be Christians in public, at least be dignified about it.

Trust me, if we do not fulfill our purpose in worship, He will raise up stones to do it. But, He will be glorified by His creation.

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