Sunday, August 1, 2010

Calmly Waiting


My mom loves to tell the story of how my dad lost me when I was a child. Apparently, as the story goes, we were all at the mall on some sort of shopping trip. My dad, in his childlike fashion, decided that it would be a wonderful idea to play hide-n-seek with a four year old. From what I can gather, at age 4, I was a dynamite hider. It didn’t take long for me to hide so incredibly well that I was lost all together.

Not sure how the process of finding me went down, but I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant. In his guilt, he failed to inform my mom that I was currently misplaced. After what I can only assume to be a major panic party, my dad found me standing in the center of a rack of clothes like the true hide-n-seek ninja that I was calmly waiting for him to discover me.

Luke 2:49
“Why were you searching for me?” – NIV

I have already spoken of the young Jesus that was missing for three days, a painfully long time. But, it wasn’t the only time Jesus would be missing for three days exactly, and each event prompted a similar response from His loved ones. Both times – when he calmly sat in the Temple and when He lay in the grave – His loved ones were thrown into an absolute panic. No one ever seemed to look in the right places for Him. In both cases, people fundamentally misunderstood who Jesus was.

Isn’t this an accurate portrayal of our reaction and His response in times of crisis? We often find ourselves running around in panic mode because our situation appears disastrous. All the while, Jesus calmly awaits our discovery that God is in fact sovereign and sitting exactly where He said He would be.

It’s a great feeling to know that our situations are much larger to ourselves than they ever are to Him.

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