Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eye Witnesses


Have you ever noticed how extremely self-absorbed we can become in the face of a trial. We see how it will impact us, we pray for deliverance from it and we, quite frankly, obsess about how to work ourselves out of it. But, in all of this reacting, we often become blind to God’s entire purpose behind the trial to begin with.

Our trials, though they seem like disasters to us, may actually be God’s means for bringing honor to His name.

Luke 21:13
“This will results in your being witness to them.” – NIV

In this passage in Luke, Jesus tells His disciples they will be dragged through courts, prisons, and the world’s halls of power. But, He does not tell them to call their attorney’s and clear their names. In fact, He tells them to be more concerned with His name – in other words, be His witnesses.

Though few of us are hauled before the world’s judges for our faith, we all go through our own difficulties. Rather than turning inward and focusing on our hardships, Jesus would tell us by the implications of this passage to have a greater purpose in mind.

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