Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Things First


Ever since I accepted the new position at my company, my days seem to be filled with nothing but agendas. We sit in rooms all day long and make plans. Plans for what our next actions are going to be. Plans for what is most important at that time. Basically, my work life has morphed into one huge agenda from which all of my other activities are supposedly derived.

The problem with agendas is that two people’s ideas are rarely ever the same. What I see as high priority events are what someone else sees as secondary. What I consider the most important aspect of the day, others would skip right over. It is so odd to me that a company can be pulled in so many directions and still manage to move forward.

Galations 5:17
“Live freely, animated and motivated by God's Spirit.” – The Message

The things we often crave the most from the Holy Spirit are His direction and His power. We want Him as our guide and our enabler. We want to know which relationships He wants us to focus on, which career direction to take and which area of service to perform. Then, we want Him to empower us to accomplish these things.

But, the agenda of the Holy Spirit is much different than our own. He has higher priorities for us than the ones for which we usually beseech Him. He wants to bring to life the cleansing words of Jesus and make the kingdom of God the ultimate treasure of our hearts.

The guidance we so often crave is primary in our minds, but secondary in His. If He was to follow our own agenda, we would move from one area of service to another without ever being made into His likeness. But, first things first.

He wants to have His way with us, let us let Him.

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