Sunday, August 8, 2010

Delta Airlines


So we flew home from Kansas City this afternoon. I just have to say that the plane that we arrived on was awesome. We had those little tv's in each of our seats, comfy seat cushions and plenty of leg space.

On the return flight, however, I must say that we had a little less impressive aircraft. There were no tv's. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom. And I couldn't help but be terrified at the awful sound that the plane made whenever the breaks were tapped.

Needless to say, my life definitely flashed before my eyes.

There really isn't a lesson here, or any kind of specific topic that I want to address. The simple fact is 9:45pm on Sunday night. I just returned home and have actually sat down for about three minutes. I have still not yet had a shower and I am more than exhausted. But, a blog is a blog and I didn't want to neglect my responsibilities by not posting anything.

So, I hope you have enjoyed my observations about Delta Airlines and have a great day.

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