Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good vs Evil


Throughout my walk as a Christian, I have put much effort towards avoiding all things immoral. Old friends that were entertained by substance…no longer in my life. Old habits that proved my heart black…removed. Basically any activity or association that could discredit my personal ministry, I have sincerely tried to keep at bay. And right when I think that I have made the right decisions, I read a passage such as this:

Matthew 5:39
“Do not resist an evil person.” – NIV

There is perhaps no more difficult point for the flesh to wrestle with than this one. Should we entertain evil people or not? Why the confusion? Surely Jesus means for us to resist evil. We are encouraged – even commanded – at several various points in Scripture to stand firm against the evil one. So what is meant by this? He means that when we encounter evil we need not run from it, no; we are to counter that evil with good.

Mercy is always to triumph judgment. Evil aggression is never to be defeated by an evil response. God does not tell believers to become doormats in the face of offensive individuals. He does, however, tell us to demonstrate a goodness that can surpass anything that this world even knows. We are to be the glimpse of Heaven in the face of those who know no better. We were born from a much higher source; let others see this and be amazed.

I read once that true charity means returning good for evil – always.

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  1. God does not like the sin but he Loves the sinner.