Wednesday, August 18, 2010

False Illustrations


When any non-believer is first exposed to the idea of salvation, they are inevitably shown a simple picture that is thought to explain it all. In fact, I distinctly remember when I was shown this image and the clear understanding that accompanied it.

What we see are two mountain tops complete with a large gap in-between them. Crossing from one side to the other is impossible because of the sin that divides us. One side represents man and our unavoidable death in sin. The other side represents God and His eternal salvation. Then, a cross is drawn which bridges the gap between both sides. This cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sin so that we may, in turn, cross over to our Heavenly Father and truly know Him.

John 8:44
“…father of lies.” - NIV

Now, as accurate as this illustration may be, it is not the only method that occupies our culture. The father of all lies tries to deceive us in a variety of ways when it comes to gaining true rewards. In Satan’s plan, the gap still exists; however, there is another way to bridge it.

He elevates us and devalues God. In this ratio of significance, we naturally close in on what we want most…God’s power. Satan teaches that if we can be reconciled with our Creator by our being a little bit better and by God being a little more reachable, then he has nullified our sense of need for the Cross.

Believers, we have one responsibility: Expose the liar. The gap between the infinitely holy and the utterly sinful can only be bridged by blood of the Savior. But, do not discount the amount of people who believe otherwise.

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