Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Vine


This morning Brian and I attended the Vine Community Church. We have been to this church only two times before, but so far we are really enjoying the ministry. Today, upon our arrival in the sanctuary, the head pastor came down and shook both of our hands. We had a small conversation and I really felt as though our presence was not only acknowledged, but also appreciated by the leadership team.

Now, why do I feel as though this was an action worthy of writing about, because for the last couple of years, I have not yet had this experience. Let me explain:

I attended a certain mega-church for quite a while prior to visiting The Vine. I came every Sunday and worshiped there. I came an hour early and happily served there. We joined other parishioners and joyfully gave there. But what did we not do there…know our minister.

Our pastor was unreachable. He carried with him a status of confidentiality and only the elite members were able to have any communication with him. I know some of the staff members personally and even they were unable to truly know our spiritual leader.

I am not here to pass judgment. I am not here to commend or condemn anyone or anything. All I am doing is sharing my experience with my ministry staff…or for what’s it’s worth…the lack thereof.

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