Sunday, August 22, 2010

Through Us?


Matthew 14:16
“They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” – NIV

Just as we underestimate God’s ability to provide in our hour of great need, we also often underestimate the role that He assigns us. Sure, we pray for the world, our country, our families, our friends. We pray for the salvation of others. We ask for God’s blessings. We ask Him to heal hurts and bind wounds, and to lift up the brokenhearted. In all this, however, we are often blind to our role.

Does it ever feel like we are just missing something? Is there a piece to this puzzle that we just aren’t seeing? Could it be that Jesus is actually waiting for us?

God brought the Israelites through the Red Sea, this is true, but only after Moses lifted up the staff. God brought down the wall of Jericho, but only after Joshua led His people through the right steps. God defeated Goliath, but only after David had the heart to step on the battlefield.

The great works of God that come about through our faith usually don’t come without an initial offering from us. Our offering may be small, but still must be given. Every miracle begins with an act of faith, a stepping our of God’s people onto the limb of trust.

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