Monday, August 2, 2010

All Talk


I’m a pretty big talker…about certain things. I talk a big game about my ceramic ability for example. If you were to ask any one of my peers, they may be under the impression that I am one kiln short of Picasso in my perspective field. I also talk about my cooking talents. Last year, I bragged so much about my famous grilled cheese that I was actually challenged to a grilled cheese cook-off right inside our building. Naturally, when push came to shove, my opinions about my special talents changed dramatically the second they were challenged.

Who we say we are will often depend on whom we are talking to. To some, we are amazing parents. To others, we are incredible professionals. In this crowd we are devoted Christians. In that group, we are party-loving socialites.

Mark 8:29
“But what about you?...Who do you say I am?”

We must ask ourselves this very question; it is no longer about whom we say we are, but who we say He is. Perhaps, an even better question would be this: Who do we really – in our very core of cores – say He is? We must go beyond the pew and the pulpit and into our living rooms and office cubicles for the true answer. Is our answer the same on Sunday as it is on Wednesday? Is our answer the same on the night of triumph as it is on the eve of defeat?

When our situation is dire, who is He? Is He a theological tenet or really our Savior and our Friend? When we are tempted beyond our strength, is He a biblical character or our Righteousness? We must know Him truly in our inner being. Jesus does not help as much as the center of our theology; He helps as the center of our life.

I have a great need for Christ; and a great Christ for my need. – Charles Spurgeon

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