Monday, August 9, 2010

Consumer Christians


I would say that I spend most of my life being quite informal about things. I am a laid-back country music fan. I am an informal shopper in most purchasing situations. I am even pretty easy going about my handbags which, truth be told, is a fairly recent development. Yes, all in all, (the Twilight Saga excluded) I try not to get too excited about any one thing and just surround myself with several objects that simply make me…happy.

Like everything in life, however, there are some things that I simply cannot be casual about. A few examples would include my family, my marriage, my wedding and my allegiance to Team Edward. But, nothing matters more to me than the formality with which I approach my beliefs.

I truly think that casual Christianity is an oxymoron and flat out impossible. There is no such thing as a low-commitment version of our faith. It is impossible to say that we are followers of Christ and not be willing to lay down our lives for the gospel. Ours is a faith that demands our entire allegiance and it can never be a halfhearted thing.

How often do we encounter what can only be called consumer Christians, people almost shopping around for a faith that suits them well? But we all know good and well, that when we really encounter the Son of God, we face a choice: Stand firm in our faith, despite our many tests and troubles, or settle for a lukewarmness that can barely…if at all…be called “Christian”.

Matthew 13:21
“When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, he quickly falls away.” – NIV

Do we really stand for something, or, do we slouch over for just anything?

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