Saturday, August 28, 2010

Impossible Possible


John 6:5
“Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” – NIV

In this passage, Jesus is asking Philip a probing question. It may appear innocent enough, but there is a test hidden within. Jesus gives Philip an impossibility to consider, and Philip’s response indicates a mind-set with which we can all sympathize.

When we look at any given situation, we immediately think of how to solve it in human terms, and then complain about our lack of resources. “There isn’t enough money”, we say. “There isn’t enough time.” “There aren’t enough people and we have insufficient means.”

We, like Philip, forget whom we are dealing with. The situation is never too big for the Son of God. He is not bound by our resources, in fact, if we had sufficient means, He probably would choose to work with someone else! His power cannot be demonstrated among people who don’t need Him. He is waiting for the people of the world to come to Him with a limited supply and ask, full of doubt, “How will we make it through?”

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