Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Moon Rising


Once a month, at my office, our system completely shuts down for an entire day. During this time, our management has decided to implement “team building activities” where we all gather in a room and have a movie day. In the days leading up to movie time, a variety of films are nominated and voted upon in order to select what we will be watching.

Now, I work in a company of basically all men, so you can imagine what random pieces of junk I have been forced to watch over the course of the year. If I see one more super hero blow something up, I am going to start a petition. I make suggestions every month that are always dismissed automatically, but this month, I have a secret weapon. We have recently made some new additions to our department that just happen to be Twilight fans. Naturally, we have made the decision to overthrow the men of our team and watch the recently released dvd of Twilight: New Moon.

Here is the problem: this month, I will not be in the office for movie day. While that doesn’t sound like a problem, the frustration lies in the fact that I don’t want to just leave one of my most prized possessions in the hands of my coworkers (the prized possession being my New Moon dvd). Call me selfish, but I love that thing. What if they scratched it? What if they lost it? What if, in an act of protest, one of the guys threw it out the window? I perish the thought!

Luke 6:34
“If you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you?” – NIV

Material possessions, need I say more? We all understand the unnatural pull that some of our things can have on us. We know that we can take nothing out of this world, and yet, we are determined to hold on to specific things as long as we are here.

Jesus commends the woman in the gospels who drops two small coins into the coffer. Why did she give all that she had? Because it was all that she could give.

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