Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazing News


My brother has gotten a job! This is amazing news! For those of you who know him, the boy has had the absolute hardest time finding any sort of employment whatsoever. This quest has taken him from state to state to state in search of even the smallest paid position. But, finally, he has found some success and oh how sweet it is.

Now that I have rejoiced with him, been happy for him and supported him, I find myself wondering…what does this even feel like? To want something for so long, to strive for something and put all your effort into it…what does it feel like to succeed?

Throughout my life, even up unto this point, things have just come easy for me. I would not say that I have truly struggled for anything professional, scholastic, athletic or social. Somehow or another, I have always managed to just find victory. In all areas, except Christianity.

Psalm 119:1
“You're blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God.” – The Message

Walking uprightly, being kind, loving others, showing mercy and forgiveness: These are not our natural characteristics. Everyday, we fight our human nature and rely exclusively on the Holy Spirit to carry us within the grace of God. It is a difficult battle to go against what our sinful instincts would have us do…and a battle that, sometimes, costs.

When I actually reflect on the life I have led, and the joy that has come from my accomplishments, I can’t help but consider them quite small. Sure, its great to be victorious every now and then, but if there was no effort involved, does the victory even count?

I am excited for the victory that will come from a life of exertion. A victory that will be nothing but sweet.

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