Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evangelism 101


When I was in school, probably the most difficult class for me came my very first semester. There I was, so excited to finally be in the educational field that I had wanted for so long, and as if it was a prerequisite for anything else, I was immediately met with Evangelism 101.

This class had assignments that far exceeded my Christian comfort level. Weekly, yes weekly, I was assigned particular conversation topics that I was to start up with a perfect stranger! If anyone knows me at all, you can understand how difficult this was for me.

At the end of the term, my final paper had to be based on a conversation that I had with a non believer in attempts to lead them to Christ. Embarrassingly, I had to write my paper on my inability to be an evangelist and the sheer panic that accompanied my initial efforts. I was extremely disappointed in myself and my spiritual maturity. As Christians, we are commissioned to go and tell the world the good news. I, well I couldn’t get past my own front door.

John 17:23
“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me...” – NIV

What is the greatest evangelistic tool of all time? Crusades? Missions? Those little paper booklets that get left on the tables of restaurants? Door-to-door witnessing? TV? Radio? All of these tools have been used by God, sometimes quite dramatically, to spread His gospel into the world. But none of them are highlighted in Scripture as the key to pointing others to Christ. This honor goes to unity and unity alone.

Let us ask ourselves: Have we ever been in a fellowship in which everyone was of one heart and mind? If we have, we know that this kind of fellowship acts as a magnet to everyone around it. It grows deeper, and often, larger. People are drawn to something that is supernatural, and unity among fellow believers, that must be of

To this end, the reverse is also true. No one is drawn to a church that has division within its walls. Chronic bickering is a clear sign that Jesus is not acknowledged as Lord in that place. The genuine unity of the saints is the greatest tool of evangelism God has given us.

Unity means oneness. It is just a fact. So, in this, let us remember that actual unity and the idea of unity are already two different things.

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