Friday, July 2, 2010

Extreme Living


This week, work has been unbearable. I have been assigned a project for the past few weeks that for some reason, continues to beat me. I have put all my attention into this initiative, all my efforts and all my time. I have worked more hours on this job than ever before, and still, everywhere I look there are little spots of incorrectness.

Yes, it is true that a project of this magnitude has never been attempted by anyone in our department thus far. Yes, it is also true that the results of the final version will be well worth the painstaking effort it took to achieve. And, yes, it is finally true that this was the job that I asked for when I received my promotion.

How easy it is for me to see all the negative aspects of this responsibility instead of all the good. I have managed to get 80% of the project completed all by myself, and yet, the last 20% is all that I can see. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am a woman of extremes. My efforts are either ALL successful, or ALL disappointments.

Just as in everyday life, Christians often take an extreme approach towards spiritual obedience as well: We are all or nothing. We can try to follow Him without any cost involved at all; or we can assume that God’s Will will always contradicts ours and is a heavy price to pay.

Both of these mentalities are unbalanced views, and neither one is correct. It is just a fact, sometimes our will will coincide with God’s, and sometimes it won’t. Discipleship never means that there will be no cost, nor does it mean that there will be no joy. Following Christ involves both.

If we believe that we are walking as disciples, but there seems to be no sacrifice in our lives, we better look again. Somewhere, we are missing His voice.

As living sacrifices, our offerings will cost us dearly – the very best of who we are. But, in return, we receive the largest blessing of all – the best of who He is.

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