Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Each His Own


I think that I have mentioned before how enthusiastic I was when I first became a Christian. Immediately, I wanted…and sought out…positions of influence and leadership.

Being at UGA during this time, my main outlet for spiritual influence was within the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry. Not knowing anyone from Adam, I went to the leadership meeting and sold myself as a mature Christian. Only weeks old in the faith, I now realize why it was such an effort to convince my peers that I was ready to hold a position of responsibility.

Naturally, as anything done prematurely would result in, I became overwhelmed. My responsibilities were vast and my leadership position proved to be something that I was nowhere near ready for. Looking back, I can clearly see, I was trying to do things that were never even assigned to me at the time.

John 17:4
“I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” – NIV

Complete the work – if that isn’t a mission statement, I don’t know what one is. Everyone on earth has a purpose for his or her life, an ideal to strive for. Every business on earth has a purpose for their company. Yes, mission statements are never a surprise in a culture such as ours. What does come as a complete shock: A mission achieved.

When I think of the mission for Jesus Christ, I only think one thing: Success. All that the Father gave Him to do, He has done. No, Jesus did not preach redemption to everyone in the world. Jesus did not travel to all the distant lands in existence or reach every door available. Jesus did not try to complete more than He was assigned.

Blessed will be the people who can review their lives and say: I have completed the work God gave me to do. This statement will never mean that we were everything to everyone, but it will mean that we were everything to the One.

May we all be so single-minded.

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