Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miracles Happen


It’s funny that now, even in adulthood, I often catch myself praying like a child. I don’t just blurt out requests toward God, no – that would be presumptuous of me – instead, I cloak my numerous wishes in a beautifully wrapped package of options. I commit my soul to Him, I declare my allegiance to His Kingdom, heck, I even say that He doesn’t have to give me a single thing in this lifetime. All I ask for in return of my loyalty is one little ol’ miracle that will prove to me that He is listening.

A sign. That’s it. Can you imagine? A heavenly gesture would be such convincing evidence…wouldn’t it?

Luke 11:29
“This is a wicked generation. It asks for a miraculous sign.” - NIV

When we truly think about what we are asking when we request a sign from the Lord, does it really make sense? Sure, it is easy to dream of all the conversions that would result from such a miraculous action, but I’m beginning to wonder if this is just that…wishful thinking. Secular individuals have always ridiculed the signs of the church as no more than tricky hoaxes, would our culture be any different?

Truth is, the world currently has all the miraculous signs that it needs to accept the Gospel as Truth. The truest, most indisputable miracle is simply a changed life. More people have been brought into God’s Kingdom from such a sign than any other act.

This all makes me wonder: What kind of sign am I? Christians have a tendency to beg for the ability to perform miracles, so much so that it becomes our focus. We must remember to focus on the miracle that has taken place within, the kind of miracle that really saves people.

There is a huge difference between doing a miracle and just being one.

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