Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do your Part: Rebel


Mark 14:48
“Am I leading a rebellion?”

This culture of ours has a negative connotation with the word rebel. Teenagers who lose their way are considered rebellious. Disorder, matched with chaos, is an identifiable sign of a rebellious nature. Outlaws and criminals are synonymous with rebels of the night. It is all very normal and no one bats an eye at the expression.

In terms of the Bible, however, a rebellion is exactly what we are called to be a part of. When we read the book of Mark, aside from the sarcasm that Jesus insinuates in this verse, we can clearly see that he actually was leading a rebellion.

Christ is leading a rebellion against the human rebellion. Christ is leading a rebellion against the angelic rebellion of Lucifer. He is leading a rebellion against the ways of our world and anyone or anything that is not for the Kingdom of God.

As part of God’s creation, and descendents from Adam and Eve, we are, already, part of this rebellion. We have fallen into sinful ways that have automatically placed us on the opposing side in this war. In our sin, we have committed treason against our Lord of Lords.

Now, as God would have it, we have been given a chance to redeem our former uprising and join in the ranks with the King. We are, officially, called to arms. Whenever we see injustice, we can right it. Whenever we see hate, we can cast out love. Whenever we see pain, we can soothe it.

We must always be evaluating our position within this rebellion. Are we waist-deep in this battle, or just passively sitting by?

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