Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Distant Wanderers


Well, its official, my brother has left again. Most of you already know, that about a year ago, Tyler decided to leave his existing residence in New York and head out west. A difficult trip to make in the winter, with no vehicle, he eventually returned home in early October.

This time, however, he has taken his car and headed out once again. He has only been gone nine days and already visited three states. Right now, just being a traveling stranger, I can honestly say that he is right in his element. Tyler does not live his life like most and, constantly, beats to the rhythm of his own drum. He is most content when he is independent and free from all responsibility.

Unfortunately, however, we all know what role finances play in our dreams…a fact that he must learn the hard way.

Luke 15:13
“The younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant land and there squandered his wealth…” – NIV

It is easy to look at the decisions of a wanderer and assume that they know not what they do. They are irresponsible. They are going to lose everything. But, when we look in the mirror at our own spiritual lives, we must see the similarities.
We were all once citizens of a distant country. It was not a case of exile, no; we went there on our own. We were happy to be independent. We were happy to be out of the “oppressive presence” of our Father – yet all the while – had zero problems with the abundant wealth and blessings that were providing for that freedom.

Yes, we too are prone to frivolous lives, squandering of benefits and neglecting responsibilities in our Father’s house. We, too, have a streak of independence that carries on in spite of our salvation. At times, our behavior may lead us to think that we are no longer welcome in our Father’s house. But true believers know the truth…

We have a Father who waits.

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