Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wifi Woes


Thought for the day: What if you had a scheduled meeting every morning with the President of the United States? Would you not prepare and be prompt and always show up? What do you do when Jesus wants a meeting in prayer? Plan a time everyday or just put it off til it is convenient? We have a kind that calls us in power...do we not answer Him?

I am so completely frustrated. Only day five of this project and I have already had so many issues. If it isn't technical issues with this stinkin' blog it is trying to find a place to write it. I recently changed my hours at my office so that I could start my days out with Christ. I had an amazing plan of getting up, leaving the house, heading to my neighborhood wifi coffee shop and spending the first hour of my day in the Word and in this blog.

Today was the first of those days. I left the house on time. Got to the coffee shop on time. What happens as a result of my efforts: no wifi. Their internet is down. Now, this is the only place that I can think of that even offers free wifi (and is open at 6:30am). Needless to say, I used part of my quiet time today driving around trying to find some internet! It just really frustrates me how good intentions can be so thwarted by the devil. What a punk!

Regardless, I suppose that I can chalk this morning up to a lesson in patience. I still managed to get some great reading done and did spend some time in prayer. So, here is the post for this morning, however so brief.

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  1. he he! Just found this through your mom's facebook post! I am so proud of you for starting a blog... I think one of your greatest gifts is your writing (and love for the Pilot Precise) so hopefully this will take you in a new, fun and inspired direction!
    Scheduling posts is a great option... I use WordPress but I'm sure Blogspot offers a similar service... you can write your posts, then post-date them!