Monday, September 6, 2010

Side Dish


Just when I begin to least expect kindness from this consumer culture of ours, God takes His moment to completely surprise me.

Brian and I have spent the last few days in St. Simons Island. The first evening I found myself out to dinner with a group of women that could only be considered high maintenance. Drinks were flowing, appetizers ordered and salads being delivered. All in all, it was quite the commotion.

Having worked in the restaurant industry for years, any layperson would figure that at least two servers would have been assigned our table. But, bless this poor older man's heart, he was the only one. I'm going to be frank here, we had that poor man running all over the place. A napkin here, a drink refill there. Some extra sauce here, some more lemons there. If he did have any other tables, they must have been forfeited in order to meet our variety of needs.

After orders were placed and time had gone by, our dinners soon began to roll out one at a time. Not only did this man get every single order correct, but he went the extra mile by bringing every single woman a side baked potato completely free of charge. When asked for the reason behind this special delivery, he simply said that he worried for the amount of food we ordered and didn't want anyone to find themselves still hungry.

How sweet is that? Nothing was charged for these extra deliveries and I found myself feeling more appreciative than hungry.

I feel as though I am the first one to rant and rave when service is not what I expect to receive, far be it from me to rave about the special surprises as well.

If you are ever in St. Simon's, visit the Red Barn Restaurant and come craving baked potatoes.

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