Thursday, September 9, 2010

Benevolence Fund


So, the other week at church, a benevolence fund offering was taken. This is an offering that's main objective is to help and assist fellow church members when life throws them some lemons. Right away, I loved the idea of this. I have always known that your church home was a place you could turn when your family fell on hard times, but I was not aware that a separate offering was taken for these purposes.

Anyway, Brian and I really wanted to contribute to this cause. We brought home the special envelope and were ready to contribute part of our monthly tithe to this cause. Right as we go to place the check in the envelope, we read the sticker on the front:

"This is to be given above and beyond your normal tithe amounts"

Now, being that this is my blog, I'm just going to speak my mind here and say that I'm not sure I agree with that mentality. It has always been my understanding that our tithe is going to the Kingdom of God in whatever regard He may deem necessary. As long as we are giving God what is His, are there only certain categories in which this is allowed?

I personally do not feel as though I have to designate my tithe to the church and the rest of my money to something else. If I want part of my tithe to help my fellow believers and parishioners, is that not what God would do with His money?

Just some thoughts for the day.

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