Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blessed Believers


John 20:29
“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” - NIV

Not only does this blessedness apply to initial faith we have in our Savior; it is the sum of the entire Christian life. We are constantly asked to stake our lives on an invisible God and a risen Savior whom we do not see. His footprints are all over history, so it isn’t exactly a baseless faith. In fact, there is nothing naïve or blind about it. But, it is still often hidden to our 5 senses, and when we let those senses rule, we find the life of faith a little more difficult.

I often ask myself…how much of my walk with Christ is based on my five senses. Do I invest my heart in Him only when He is demonstrating His favor? Or, do I trust that His love is real even when I don’t seem to see it?

When the Bible says that God is a refuge, a help in times of trouble, a deliverer and a healer – that revelation is a greater reality than the keys on my keyboard in my hand right now. There is a profound blessedness in believing this truth. God will manifest His presence on those who believe Him without having seen Him.

The facts are simple: Believe and you will be blessed.

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