Friday, April 16, 2010

High Prices


Recently, I accepted the first promotion of my career, and all I can say is…finally! At last, I have been granted the recognition that I have been yearning for. It took over three years for someone to see that I deserved a higher role within the company and, I must say, it feels good.

The first week of transition from my old job to the new one was simple. With my old job being back-filled, it is just a waiting game until that process is complete before I can fully embrace my new role. A couple days ago, however, I was introduced to some of my new responsibilities: Meetings. I had to stay at the office until 5pm – a time that is crazy considering I typically leave at 3:30. There I sat, in a room with no windows, wondering if this promotion was the best route to go. I sure do love my new title, but I also love missing rush hour.

No matter what choice I made, remain at my old position or accept the promotion, it was going to cost me something. Either way, there is a price to pay.

Matthew 16:26
“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” – NIV

We all have choices to make in life, some easy and some difficult. There is one choice; however, that outweighs the rest: Our Faith. To follow Jesus Christ is the fundamental foundation of all of our other choices; and no matter the outcome, a price will be paid. Will we choose to act out of defiance, or discipleship?

Do not be fooled; the cost of discipleship is a high one. Jesus does not mask this fact in his words or appeals. In fact, in light of the earthly suffering that could accompany a life of discipleship, Jesus urges people not to follow Him unless their decision is unconditional. We may not feel the weight of discipleship at first, but eventually, life will become hard. The world will hate us. Our decisions will never again be trouble-free. There will be times when we find ourselves, sitting in a room with no windows, wondering: Did we make the right choice?

Every human being pays an extremely high price – either the cost of discipleship or the cost of opting out of it.

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