Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Bold Approach


In some of my reading the other day, I came across the story of the bleeding woman in Mark 5. This story has always caught my attention for whatever reason. Could it be the lifelong suffering that she had experienced? Could it be the purity of her faith that moves me? Or, could it be the boldness with which she acts?

This woman, ceremonially unclean in all areas of Old Testament law, boldly approaches Jesus Christ and touches his cloak. She obviously had some idea as to who this man was for her actions to be so intentional. With one arm length, and one small step, she took a giant leap for her soul. True, it was an act of desperation…but also an act of great faith. We would do well to understand why a woman, convinced of her unholiness, would seek out Someone who is holy. We would do well to understand her expectation that within His holiness would be unrenowned grace.

Mark 5:34
“Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” – TNIV

When we actually think about it, are the two most common needs not peace and freedom from suffering? Are these things not the concerns most lifted up to heavenly ears? When life gets away from us, stress becomes overwhelming and failure knocks at our door: We seek His peace. When illness becomes a way of life and we long for a pain free existence: We seek freedom from suffering.

We must all ask ourselves: What drives us to the Holy One with our concerns? Do we seek Him because it is the right thing to do? Do we seek Him because we are hoping that, this one time, He will hear us? If this is the case, do not expect an answer anytime soon. God does not respond to obligatory requests.

However, if what drives us to Him is the knowledge that He hears us: He will respond. If what drives us to Him is the belief of His merciful character, He will respond.

God will respond to bold faith, to those who know exactly who He is.

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