Monday, October 4, 2010

Wounded Community


Many of us became Christians, expecting to find holy people in God’s Kingdom. I mean, why wouldn’t we right? We may have envisioned the church as a collection of folks who have gotten it right, who know what life is all about and know how to live it well. We may have thought our relationship troubles were over, if we related only to the redeemed.

But, if we’ve been around long enough, we have come to realize that while the people are indeed holy in Christ, they (and we) are still anything but flawless. When we go to church we are surrounded by silent addicts, dysfunctional families, physical and emotional cripples as well as broken relationships and distorted perspectives.

Matthew 15:32
“I have compassion for these people.” – NIV

Jesus looked upon the lame and crippled with compassion. He healed them and He fed them. Even knowing that, what do we see when we look out upon the crowds that are coming to see Jesus? The girl with the inappropriate outfit? The man who won’t get off his IPhone? The teenager who smells like a cigarette? A world of infirmities not only lies before our eyes, but also lies before His feet.

Perhaps, we found ourselves disappointed when we realized how deeply flawed Christians can be. Perhaps, we didn’t respond well when we were greeted with the nature of the world inside the walls of the church.

Regardless, the fact remains: The people of Jesus are the walking wounded, inside and outside the sanctuary.

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