Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Week


Well, its official, I basically have zero ways to post my blog now. First, it was my shotty computer that broke. Next, it was the cancellation of our home internet service. Finally, my husband’s work has realigned the security settings on their computer systems and now my blog site is blocked for him and he can no longer help me with the postings. Sheesh, when the devil works, he really goes out of his way to be annoying.

But, while all of this was going on, perhaps God was at work also…

On Wednesday, sitting in traffic, the opportunity came for me to strategically glide through a yellowish-red light that would have enabled me to miss an extra five minutes of waiting. So, there I was, all geared up to do something slightly frowned upon by the department of motor vehicles, when the stupid-law-abiding-van in front of me didn’t go! Completely annoyed, I sat in my car and slightly glanced into my rear view mirror, and there it was: A cop was behind me the entire time. Here am I not blessed?

On Thursday, my office felt like the land time forgot. It seemed as though everyone was using their vacation time and no one was at work…including the bosses. Now, for most of the employees, this was a free-for-all time of leaving early and missing afternoon rush hour. And trust me, I was feeling completely motivated to take the same action, but for some odd reason, I just didn’t. I remained at my desk and stayed on task. Just then, about 10 minutes before quitting time, my phone rang. It was my boss. All I could thank about was how grateful I was to not have left early and missed that call. Here am I not blessed?

On Friday, and 14 weeks pregnant by the way, I came to the realization that washed and dried blue jeans are not a good idea for a pregnant woman. I spent most of the day with my button undone, feeling completely ragged, and stressing about how expensive (and unfortunate looking) maternity clothes were going to be. Later that evening, my friend Natalie came over and blessed my socks off with her gift of hand-me-down maternity clothes. She brought so many that I’m pretty sure I won’t even be able to wear them all. Here am I not super blessed?

If there is one thing I have noticed in my life, it is that I’m always looking for God to be visible in the big things. But, maybe, just maybe, by having this mentality I am missing exactly who He is trying to be for me.

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