Thursday, October 21, 2010

For His Honor


One of the ways we can determine whether we are becoming Christlike is to see how we act in a crisis. When the pressure is on, what will we do? Or, even deeper, when the pressure is on, what motives will direct us?

Jesus came to the hour that He had long predicted. He was clear about His purpose in coming to Jerusalem; He would die there. The disciples couldn’t understand it, but He had foretold the Cross and Resurrection numerous times.

The hour had come, and it was not a pleasant hour. Nothing in human flesh – not even the Son of God – enjoys suffering. Jesus doesn’t ask God to save Him from this jour, but He does want to know if it’s possible that the cup of suffering pass by Him.

While His spirit was very willing, his human nature was very weak. Think about it, even God – clothed in human flesh – wanted a less painful way.
The fact remains, God’s reputation weighed heavier on the heart of Christ than His own comfort and life.

Jesus sacrificed a huge following, His school of disciples, His comfort, His health, His current reputation and even His life in order that God’s name might be honored.

Would we?

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