Friday, October 8, 2010

Persistence Pays


I have heard it said that blessed are the meek. While this is all good and great, what about those of us who don’t exactly embody that characteristic? I, for one, truly believe that there are certain circumstances in which Jesus calls for assertiveness.

Luke 11:8
“Because of the man’s boldness he will get up and give him as much as he needs.” – NIV

In this parable on persistence, a man seeks help from his neighbor on behalf of his friends, knocking repeatedly on the neighbor’s door at midnight with a simple request for bread. It was an unlikely and truly inconvenient time for such a request, but because of his perseverance, the neighbor answers.

I am reminded of Luke 5 as well, when several men carry their crippled friend to Jesus and lower him in through a window as to not be detected. These men are zealous for the welfare of their dear friend, there really wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for him. And as such, Jesus had no rebuke for them. In fact, their brazenness honored Him.

This is how the Father is to be sought – with a clear knowledge that it is His nature to meet needs. And, if we are zealous to have the needs of others met, how much more honored is He.

I have to wonder, how persistent we are in seeking God’s help for the needs of others. When we are told to bear one another’s burdens, does this ever go passed a prayer?

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