Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Prayers

Many times in life when we are confronted with a seemingly impossible situation, we tend to ask God to help alleviate the symptoms rather than to intervene in a mighty way. I know that I’m guilty of this for sure. It’s as though we are afraid of asking too much…as if there was such a thing.

In our culture, we just don’t see miracles that often, so we naturally assume that God isn’t interested in doing them. But to the contrary, according to the Bible at least, He is intensely interested in intervening in our situations. The only missing link: a simple, worshipful heart.

Mark 9:23

“If you can…” – NIV

In this passage of Mark, there was a father whose son was possessed by a destructive spirit. (Know any parents like that?) Everyone, including the disciples of Jesus, had tried to help with no avail. Finally, the father appeals to Jesus to do something – “if [He] can”. Jesus found this hint of uncertainty, frankly, ludicrous. Of course He can you fool, He is God incarnate!

This makes me wonder about my prayers…do they also undermine Jesus’ mastery of a situation? Do I also hint that He might not be able to do what I ask? Do I simply forget that His adequacy is never the question?

Jesus really may answer our prayers exactly the way we expect Him to…are we ready for that?

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